The average price of 22coders specialists
Small web resources
Completion time: from 1 week
Starting at $500
Development of small web-resources with a minimum number of interactive modules, development of small online stores with limited functionality. Ideal for small businesses and/or for implementing low-budget ideas targeted at a small audience.
Native and/or abbreviated mobile apps
Completion time: from 3 weeks
Starting at $1500
Development of mobile applications in a cost-effective format without direct programming. This helps to promote small & medium-scale businesses, as well as to maintain an interest in an organization or ideas at a continuous high level. Linking these apps to interactive web services will sharply expand the user-base of your projects.
Implementation formats
22coders offers 2 options for executing your ideas, depending on the available budget::

1. Efficient development of mobile applications and software products in the “economy” mode, where most of the work is done using proven frameworks and compiling services that use pre-made modules.

2. Development of complex software products, where the main attention is paid to the quality of the program code, elevated productivity, and design exclusivity.

Our recommendation is to always have a mobile app version of any software product.
Approximate project planning completion times and prices
Examination and analysis of ideas, an analytical conclusion
Elaboration by business analysts, as well as a group of managers of electronic projects of Customer’s ideas. Preparation of an analytical conclusion on the project idea.
Completion time – from 2 weeks.
Starting at $1000
Preparation of the technical specification and implementation plan
Development of a technical specification, creation of an implementation plan and a flowchart with stages. Description of opportunities to PIVOT for the implementation of the project.
Completion time – from 3 weeks.
Starting at $2000
UI/UX Development
UI/UX design and Usability concept development.
Completion time – from 3 weeks.
Starting at $3000
Working graphical prototype of the project.
Completion time – from 2 weeks.
Starting at $1500
Approximate development completion times and prices
Development of a code based on open-source analogs
Partially-individual programming with the use of open-source solutions and the source codes of analog software products.
Completion time - from 6 weeks.
Starting at $5000
РDevelopment of a new custom-written program code
Creation of the key part of the software product and content management system.
Completion time - from 12 weeks.
Starting at $50000
Rewriting software code
Enhancing and updating software previously written by other developers.
Completion time - from 2 weeks.
Starting at $5000
$ 120,000
The average price of developing a web service with native versions of the mobile app(s)
$ 300,000
The average price of developing a stationary installable software, as well as a web version and mobile app(s)
$ 500,000
The average price of complex software products and computer games
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