Programming Java, Python, PHP, C
Outsource programming. For those who need high-quality and modern program code quickly and stress-free! For those who need to implement digital ideas without hiring new employees!
Programming languages - outsource and targeted development
Mobile Apps
Your idea implemented as a mobile version of software product/web service is the path for user base expansion and maintaining current users’ interest in your service at the highest level!
Tablet Apps
Specialized adaptation of mobile apps for tablets and the development of advanced versions of professional software
Adaptation for portable PCs
When developing applications, software, and computer games, we consider the unique features of portable PCs - from reduced performance & battery savings to non-standard screen resolution.
Stationary software
Development of fundamental software versions for stationary personal computers.
From an idea to a finished product
We first implement your idea as a prototype and then we create a software product with the best use of open-source technologies and professional programming.
Design and modeling
Before development, our team employs a set of activities to create a full-fledged project of the planned software and conducts an end-user scenario analysis.
- 20% for customers who already have a technical specification, design and UI/UX
The 22coders team has experience of effective interaction with third-party designers and designers & project developers provided by customers.
Our method
Analysis of ideas
Gathering and analysis of existing installation information, design, UI/UX, and technical specifications. Development of a clear plan.
Positional plan of development
Development schedule in DevOps format, initial technical specification, and flowcharts considering the PIVOT probabilities.
Standard or smart-contract signing
Contract signing, deposit, funding schedule according to project completion stages
A working prototype of the project submission
Initial programming
Main program code is completion
Pilot version release
Beta testing and analysis
Full version
Errors and bugs checking/correction, usability enhancement, and the final version release.
Brief summary
22coders specialists not only deliver the technical implementation of the project but also perform analytical work to prevent all risks and shortcomings of the idea planned for implementation.

Interviewing and surveying target audiences to test the relevance of a project help to understand how to best apply the new idea.

All projects that 22coders team worked on are currently highly demanded as evidenced by their profitability and the constant growth of user numbers.

Our team offers exceptionally high-quality and efficient solutions for developing software products, applications, and computer games and introducing them onto the market!
Our contacts
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EU (Whatsapp): +393802492490
E-mail: head@22coders.com
Address: 6365 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL, USA