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22coders team of developers and UXUI designers is constantly improving, analysing and integrating the latest technologies, programming languages, frameworks and working methodologies into development.

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Websites and Apps • Websites and Apps •

Technical analysis

We analyse problems from the technical point of view and prepare the best software architecture and stack for development.

UXUI design

Prototyping and interface design for a future web or mobile application is one of the most important stages of our team's work.


Depending on the complexity of the project, the development may include a single sprint phase or a multi-stage, sequential systematic development. We are equally attentive to code of varying levels of complexity!


We develop web services, websites and mobile applications which, from start to finish, bring their owners real money through e-sales, subscriptions or other chargeable options.

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Technology stacks

Our team works in a variety of stacks, but the most common are: MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS), PHP (Laravel, Yii) + Vue.JS + MySQL, Python+PostgreSQL, for mobile solutions we use FW Xamarin/Flutter as well as Kotlin, Swift, Obj.C

We develop software for different screens, applying a wide stack of technologies.